Parker von Sternberg and
Ellis von Sternberg

On Nandi Loaf's


Warning: first video work contains strobe-like effects.

Exchange, property, property, exchange.

Suspended in language, suspended in exchange.

Exchange, exchange, exchange.

I was told of a story just last week. Picture this – imagine in your head a world. A cold hard world. The Cold Hard World.

Out of which all possible things might be owned as something called property.

Property, property, property.

Honestly this world is not too hard to imagine, but let’s not get carried away, as any good structuring process would denote we must build by an order of principles. Simple principles, not unlike the ones that structure the world people live in today.

The principles of relation in this world would be that of propriation. Expropriation, appropriation, depropriation, reappropriation, misappropriation inappropriation.

The principle structuring these relations, the principle of principles, would be a dizzying carousel of that which they all hold in common: circulation, revolution, giving and taking, always revolving and returning; a regulated and measured circuit of goods moving like the sun as it goes up goes down.

Exchange, property, property, exchange.

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