World’s leading Ad Agency the “Johannes Leonardo”

One of the pioneers in advertising agency established in the year 2007, by Jan Jacobs and Leo Premutico, formerly worked in Saatchi and Saatchi, London. The pair worked together in later years decided to own their own creative agency in New York. Ads created by them were the best and innovation expressed in their work.

World’s topmost ad agency located in a small carpet area office in New York, it ranks approximately 4th in the year 2018 among the ad agencies. Jan Jacobs and Leo Premutico are the co-founders of the creative boutique. Though the company has risen high but still footed into the same ad agency from where it started their work.

The beginning of the creative ad agency “Johannes Leonardo”

Johannes Leonardo started working independently on the advertisement  P&G’s  Tide detergent became popular the key line  “Talking Stain” they also were the winner of  Cannes Grand Prix and finally decided to establish their own agency. Starting agency without investment is a difficult issue, WPP has offered fund on 49% is on shareholding though it is independent or stands alone.

Johannes Leonardo is client-oriented but limited to few providing them with the innovative ads subsequently. Few of the ads that is necessary to mention, popular and outstanding series of campaigns on Adidas the sports accessories company. The ad agency has also worked on campaigns with the highest show of creativity, totally exclusive compared to other ad agencies.

Few of best company campaigns of “Johannes Leonardo”

“Nomis football boots” the agency has arranged high profile campaigns for the brand products. The splendid ads for the WNYC and retailer Daffy’s made the company popular as it is already known. The company has been awarded for being the longest-serving ad agency with Google.

The company is the oldest and popular for the creativeness with refreshing visualization it provides or describes in their ads, therefore makes them the most on-demand creative boutique.