Why Choose Dedicated Hosting Over Cloud Hosting?

It is true that cloud hosting is something that offers considerable potential. However, some small businesses can influence what the cloud has to offer. Some hiccups with cloud-like inflexible operations and inexperience and fundamental business need generally make a dedicated server, a better choice as compared to the cloud. If you are still not convinced, here are some reasons to consider:


If you are concerned about the performance, you should confidently go for dedicated servers. You might have heard about Disk IO. With a cloud server, the underlying storage and network are shared among customers. So, it means that the IO is not predictable in the case of the cloud. It means that if one of the users begins to send a larger level of write requests to the storage array, there are chances that you will experience slowdowns. As the upstream network is also shared, you will experience issues even there. Of course, cloud vendors can give you more storage, but how about faster storage?

Cloud hosting


Transparency is the key when it comes to debugging performance issues. When you take the case of cloud services, they are vague on network and hardware issues. If you choose a Melbourne hosting company offering Cloud servers, you will share your resources. The resources include everything from network, CPU, and RAM. So, when it comes to transparency, the dedicated wins over the cloud.


Even when you compare the cost, the cloud will cost you more as compared to a dedicated hosting. So, if you have a budget for hosting, you will find that the former goes beyond, while the latter will be within your budget.

Sum up:

If you own a small business with simple hosting needs, you can very well go for dedicated hosting. Do not get carried away with the marketing hype for the cloud. In all grounds, dedicated hosting takes over the cloud servers!