Overview of the character of Michael D Santa of GTA 5

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The character of Michael D Santa

In GTA 5 Online Geld, Michael D Santa is a bank robber who has retired and now has made a deal with FIB and has moved with his family to the Los Santos where he lives in a mansion. The name of his wife is Amanda, who has spent all his money, which made their family suffer dysfunctional for several years. After he stood on the Mexican cartel leader, he had to return to the criminal life again. After the first job of Michael D Santa, he was then joined by the former friend whose name is Trevor Phillips.


They had suffered through a rift in the friendship and after the several jobs which includes stealing the superweapon, raiding the Country Bank or the research lab for FIB and now they have again banded together for pulling off the final heist with Lester and Franklin. So the ending will include that he will suffer from several difficulties and the relationship which he has with his son will be affected.

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