Myths about invisible dog fences

Myths about invisible dog fence often restrict you from buying one. Don’t worry about these rumors. With proper training, these fences will absolutely work for your dog. The myths are:

  1. The fences will make your dog more aggressive: With surveys, it has been found that these wireless pet fences hardly make your dog more aggressive. Usually dog become excited when they feel there is something new and if they are not able to know what it is they become more aggressive. And the static correction in collar can add to their temperaments. But with proper training it has been noticed that dogs become less aggressive with electric dog fence.
  2. The invisible dog fence cause lot of pain to the dog: Maximum your dog will feel like a tingle. The static correction will only make your dog feel surprised. It won’t cause any serious pain to them. You have to train your dog to respond to the warning beeps so as to avoid the shock by the fence. The shock generated is not more that the static energy Created by rubbing socks with the carpet. So be sure that it won’t cause much harm to your dog.
  3. Dogs will be frightened to play outside: They will know that their boundary is set and will not set foot outside to it. It’s important that you make them understand the limit. With proper training they will know what is their boundary, when to react to the warning beeps and adjust to the static correction. It is advised to treat your dogs after the shock to make them feel that if they remain in the boundary they will be treated.

If you are planning to take electric fence, it’s advised to do some online research so as to be sure about the idea.