Most Muslim Women Hate to Wear Abaya

Abaya is a name of traditional dress worn by most Muslim women regardless of what part of the world they live. This dress is very popular in pure Muslim nations and there is hardly any reason for them to avoid wearing this dress, although wearing of this dress is prevailing in other nations also. The orthodox Muslims consider this dress as religious dress the wearing of which is compulsory for every woman. They consider it as an order of Mohd. Prophet as quoted in Qur’an 33:59 and translated later by Ahmed Ali. This traditional dress has been designed to cover almost all parts of female body in long and loose style so that it doesn’t cause discomfort as well.

Controversy about abaya wearing

This dress is so popular that it is available in most countries across the globe, although it is not worn by women of any other religion except those belonging to Islam. You can also buy abaya online on many online garment stores. There are controversies of modern generation about wearing of this dress. In modern world, more than ninety percent Muslim women are not in favor of wearing this devout clothing and they don’t want to be forced for wearing it. Even majority of pious Muslim women not belonging to recent generation are against wearing this dress. They don’t find any reason to wear this. There is view of some people that concealing female’s body creates more curiosity in men about and this can promote more women-related crimes. This seems to be true because you when compare it with western culture where females believe in exposure of significant portion of their body.

New option in abaya

Open abaya is a new design in this dress for rich feel and texture. It is flowy and is liked by some women who are forced to wear this dress in their culture because of its unique designs.