Know the Severe Side Effects of Eczema

There are various causes and reasons of eczema and these different types of eczema are nothing but merely a combination of several genes. This has been emphasised by the researches who also believe that a certain kind of trigger is involved while these crop up. Usually primarily it is treated with eczema cream.

Lowering of the immune system of the body

 People who are prone to eczema usually end up having a very low immune system along with over reactive tendencies which in turn reacts negatively both inside and outside the body. Reactions which take place can also cause inflammation inside the body. This reacting feature leads to the patchiness, dryness, itchiness and red like surface on the top of the skin thereby creating an uncomfortable and painful condition. These are the common types of symptoms seen in eczema.

eczema cream

Mutation of genes in the formation of eczema

Filaggrin is a creation with the combination of genes which happens in people who are affected with eczema. People usually neglect this type of severe infection but it can be treated at the primary level by applying cream for psoriasis.

Self generated layer of survival

This layer of filaggrin is a kind of protective layer which enables the dried and damaged skin cells to regenerate by forming another layer at the surface of the skin. This layer ensures further external particles to subside or enter into the already affected region of the skin. Without the formation of this layer there is ample amount of scope for external bacterial particles to thrive in and thereby increase the chances of its degradation.  Hence it is often advisable to be safe and try to prevent yourselves from the beginning instead of getting severely affected by dry skin and also being infection prone. Rosacea cream is one such product which reduces the chances of the skin being too dry.