Is E-Cigarette, a Safe Alternative to Smoking?

Gone were the ages when people were forced to smoke and use tobacco to get a buzz of energy and feel relived from stress and pressure, e-cigaret is a real ecstasy to adults and youths. Since it arrival in the year 2004 where it literally flourished in the Chinese market, e-cigarette industry is in the upsurge and millions of people around the world use e-cigars. A statistical report conveys that more than 3 percent of adults in United States have the addiction for e-cigarette.

Why E-cigars?

E-cigars was designed with an intention to help smokers aid or reduce smoking. Even though they have the look and feel of the regular cigarettes, yet it involves no burning of tobacco. These aspects you can very well experience in most of the products found in e-cigaret land.  Some of the reasons which ascertains why e-cigarette are a safe alternative to conventional cigarettes are as follows:

E-Cigars don’t have nicotine – Nicotine is a stimulant that causes addition to smokers. Although, people have a perception that smoking helps them cope up emotions, apparently on a long run, it results undesirable health issues like dry mouth, dizziness, allergy and many more.

E-cigarettes are safe – There are some misconception among the people that e-cigars are harmful and contains serious adverse reaction just like regular cigarettes, apparently researches indicates that e-cigarette are far better and e-cigaretter are safe health wise. There are plenty of brands and flavors in e-cigarettes.

Aids in Reducing or quit smoking – E-cigarette help people who are trying to quit smoking. Recent medical study reveals that, smokers who wish to quit smoking should first switch over to e-cigarette. This will indeed help them to reduce/quit smoking.

Bottom line

E-cigars are perhaps, a safer alternative to smoking! So, e-cigaretters can have a lovely time of enjoyment with e-cigars.