Factors to keep in mind while choosing dedicated hosting provider

With the demand for dedicated server hosting, there are many service providers mushrooming in the digital world. It is crucial for you to do a little home prior to choosing a Melbourne hosting provider for your company. You need to check the reviews and company’s reputation prior to taking up their hosting packages. Many companies are showing interest in dedicated servers hosting despite the cloud hosting is booming due to high degree of control over their applications, databases, backups and websites.

Here are a few factors one should keep in mind while choosing dedicated hosting service provider

Hardware quality: Once you are delighted with the processing power, memory and storage space offered for the package you are picking, the next thing is to look for hardware provided by them and how reliable is the hardware. You need to look for the providers using branded equipment which assures high performance and 100% uptime. You should not get lured and choose the provider who is using cutting edge hardware, since they may not able to deliver high performance. You need to make sure that the service provider is meeting your basic requirements and hire the provider who would maintain the hardware with latest technology.

Managed or unmanaged servers: The next key thing is to look for manager or unmanaged servers. The servers that are managed would include regular security updates, cPanel, and stellar customer support from the hosting provider. The customers who are choosing managed servers should make sure that the support is offered for free and the support team would be available round the clock. If you choose unmanaged servers, you need to check the level of customization the provider is offering so that you can handle the other features like remote backups, firewalls and DDOs protection.

Bandwidth and connection speed: Bandwidth and connection speed would have weight high in performance of the application or website hosted on the server. However, you need to keep in mind that connection speed would affect due to various factors like datacenter location and quality of carrier list.