E-cigarette – A Novel Way to Smoke by Anyone with Added Benefits

Smoking is an age-old tradition in many cultures of the globe and some people who are involved in frequent smoking are nick-named as chain smokers. Smoking is one of the major addictions comparable to alcohol addiction. The reason for this addiction is the presence of nicotine chemical in tobacco which is toxic substance and is used in traditional cigarettes, pipes, and cigars. Some people are willing to stay away from this addiction but it’s too hard unless there is an alternative. For many years, smoking industry was trying to use some alternative to eliminate harmful health effects of cigarette smoking. The solution was found in the previous century when e-cigarette or e-cigaret, as called in Danish, was invented.


E-cigarette advantages

E-cigarette use has grown over years since its invention because it has been modified greatly and there are several benefits of its use. An e-cigaretter sees motivation forits use against traditional smoking.

  • The core benefit of using e-cigarette is that it is less hazardous to health and you can enjoy smoking without having need to quit smoking.
  • This is the healthier way of smoking by using vaping as an alternative and e-væske instead of tobacco or marijuana.
  • E-cigarette use is smoke-free and there is no nuisance or awkwardness to use it in public crowd. It is also odor-free. No one can even raise objection to its use in gathering.
  • Non-smoking laws and policies of government are not applicable to this smoke-free and odor-free way of smoking.
  • It carries no health risk for other people as secondary smokers who remain in the company of chain smokers. It is a medically proven fact that people who don’t smoke are still affected by the smoke of cigarette.
  • E-cigarette cuts down risk of many bad health conditions compared to regular smoking.
  • E-cigarette has recreational use.
  • It is not too costly to be affordable by most smoking enthusiasts.


E-cigarette is a pleasurable way to smoke and has multiple advantages over regular cigarette smoking which can be enjoyed by anyone.