Do You Know About E-cigarettes & Their Availability?

If you are a regular traveler, you might know that cigarette smoking is prohibited in every mode of transport and prohibition sign is specially displayed in all flights. If you are a chain smoker, you may be in tough situation due to strict smoking prohibition when you travel a long distance by air. Your addiction will become uncomforting but air traffic rules restricts you to smoke while on board. This tough situation can be eased by the use of e-cigaret          which is not a prohibited product because it is not included in the category of cigarette. Although the name “cigarette” is attached to it. This is quite different from a regular cigarette.

Ecigaret Land

E-cigarette and its working

E-cigarette is not a tobacco-rolled in paper that is burnt to release smoke which is inhaled through your mouth in the lungs. In fact, it is a simple device that involves heating of a liquid chemical or e-væske, the term that is used for steam production in Danish language, referred to as vapor in smoking industry. The heating is done by a burner or coil by battery operation. The liquid is stored in a small container. A mouthpiece or drip tip is provided with a device to inhale the vapor released by heating. The liquid can be refilled on exhaustion and even different flavor liquid can be used to change your taste. The refilling is a very simple process and is device is for instant use except for the first time, when liquid takes 10-15 minutes for proper absorption.

Availability of e-cigarettes

Although use of e-cigarettes is not quite common in smoking community, yet its availability is no big issue. Many popular online stores like Ecigaret Land make availability of varieties of e-cigarettes and hundreds of e-liquids for use with this product. You can look for online smoking accessory shops to buy these products.