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An electronic or E-cigaretis a revolutionary new electronic device which runs on stored up electricity and serves as a substitute for the age-old traditional cigarette. As of a usual tobacco cigarette, this device produces more smoke from it and thus the device is used for many new sports called the vaping games. The smokes thus created from the device is not from tobacco or cannabis or whatsoev er. The smoke comes from the liquid used in the device called the e-juice which when comes in contact with heat turns into fumes of denser clouds than the smoke generated from a normal cigarette.

Difference between cigarettes and e-cigarettes

The cigarettes, unlike the traditional ones, need not be lit up in order to smoke one. The e-cigarette comes in the form of a cartridge where the vapour liquid also known as the e-juice is stored. The cylinders heat up when turned on which reacts with the liquid in the cartridge and then the liquid turns into dense white fumes or vapours which is denser than normal smoke emitted from a cigarette.

Smoking is definitely harmful to health as it leads to the accumulation of tar in the body cavities of the lungs and thusdamages the normalworking of the lungs. Unline cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are not that harmful because the source is not tar and thus the smoke consists of no tar at all. Ecigaret Land sells a variety of e-cigarettes, feel free to visit the page and choose from the wide variety of range.

Get your first vape machine today

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