All the Information You Need To Have About Abaya

An abaya is a garment that is characterized by its loose fit. It is also called by the name “aba” at times. It is basically a garment that is worn over other clothes. It is mainly worn by women of the Muslim community.

Features of an abaya

  • It is a form of robe worn above clothes.
  • Traditionally abayas are black in colour.
  • It is actually a large fabric, especially in the shape of a square.
  • The fabric is draped either from the shoulder or from the head, also termed as open abaya or can also be worn like a caftan.
  • The garment covers the whole body excepting the hands, feet and head.
  • A veil to cover the face excepting the eyes can be worn with the garment.

Different styles of abayas

  • The basic requirement of the abaya is to cover the body.
  • The contemporary form of the garment is also termed as caftan.
  • The materials that are basically used to make the garment are chiffon, georgette and crepe.
  • It can be stylized by either a front or a back opening.
  • The style of abaya being used differs from one region to another.
  • Women often wear black abaya which is the traditional format but presently other styles like embroidered, printed or brightly coloured abayas are also being used.

Wash-care of abaya

  • Every day wear abayas can be easily washed by hand.
  • Delicate detergent powders should be used for washing.
  • If the abaya is a dark-coloured one, then special detergent powders that will help to retain the colour should be used.
  • The washed abaya should be allowed to be air dried.

All in all, an abaya is a very popular form of over clothing that is used by ladies and the proper care of it can help to maintain it in a good condition is the mentioned points are kept in mind.