3 Steps for the Maintenance of Your Teak Furniture

Purchasing something for your home is not the last step about the furniture given that the furniture is kept outside,i.e., in the garden. You have to maintain your furniture over the years to keep it last all the years through the weather. You have to follow certain instructions while you take care of the teak patio furniture you own. Here are three major steps for maintaining that teak to the top:

  1. Material: The way you need to maintain your furniture completely depends on the material it is made of. In this case, it is teak,so there are some precautions you need to take while you take care of your furniture. You have to select the furniture that is all weatherproof and will not be scratched or get torn easily.

teak patio furniture

  1. Teak Oil: This is a holy grail for those who own teak garden benchessince this is the most important product for clearing the teak furniture. You can simply apply it according to the instructions for keeping the furniture’s polish intact. It will also increase the shine of the furniture even after years. 
  1. Washing: It is common sense that you cannot wash wooden furniture,but with teak, you have to be even more careful since it is so costly. You can clean your teak garden bench with some warm water and soap and brush it gently with a brush to avoid any scratches. This should be dried completely to avoid any damage since water is not good for wood.

These are the three important steps you have to keep in your mind while you clean your teak furniture. Be sure to check the whole set of cleaning manual once you start using the benches and furniture. This will not only keep it good for years but also make it look new.